What is the best way to produce a sports highlight/recruitment film for my son/daughter or a team?

Option 1 – Record games yourself

If you decide to video record games/meets yourself and have O.K. Video do the editing, here are some tips for getting the best possible video.

  1. Invest in a tripod, and use it! This is the best way to ensure you get stable footage that will be workable in the final video. We often receive footage that just isn’t clear enough to even see what team is on-screen, never mind follow movements of one player in particular.
  2. Get higher up. You’ll want to position yourself above field-level. This lets you see the entire field of play and follow the action without having people walk in front of the camera, or having the play obstructed by referees or other players.
  3. Close, but not too close! Keep your zoom level “medium” and at a distance you are comfortable following the play. Too close and coaches will not be able to see enough of the action; too far away and the players on the field will be unidentifiable.
  4. Smooth and steady. When panning the camera side-to-side or zooming to follow the action, keep your movements steady and precise. Zooming or jerking the camera too fast makes the video hard to watch.
  5. Always, always film in Standard Play or Best Quality mode. Long/Extended Play increases the chance that your tapes or files will have errors and the quality is much less than the standard/best recording mode.
  6. What type of camera to use? It must be a camera capable of being mounted on a tripod, hopefully with a decent lens. Consumer cameras that film on MiniDV, VHS-C, or Digi8 can be used, as well as cameras that record to hard drives or flash media cards. Cell phone/Flip cameras are not appropriate for this type of filming.

Option 2 – Have O.K. Video document games for you

O.K. Video has many years of experience recording field hockey, volleyball, football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer. Our camera operators are professionals and know the best way to film each sport. You can hire us for just one or two games or an entire season. We offer discounts for full seasons and you’d be surprised at how affordable it is, especially when splitting the cost between several families. We provide DVDs of each game, which you can use to do a paper edit (see our blog on that subject).

We will adjust our filming techniques for specific requests of parents or coaches. For example, some coaches like us to shoot with a slightly wider angle, as they use our DVDs as teaching aids to go over specific plays with their athletes. Alternately, when we are filming for one specific player, we will zoom closer to focus on him or her in particular.

Pricing is different for every sport, so please call to get details.

The Final Product
Regardless of who films your games, read our article on how to do a paper edit and let O.K. Video take care of the editing process. It’s best to do paper edits with your son/daughter shortly after each game. This way the highlight plays are still fresh in everyone’s mind and you won’t end up with a lot of games to go through at the end of the season.

Most highlight/recruitment films are burned to DVD or created as digital files (.wmv, .avi, .mov, etc.) that get uploaded to recruitment web sites or YouTube. We can accommodate whatever specific needs you have.