VHS to DVD Conversion

One of the most popular services O.K. Video offers is conversion of videotapes to DVD format. An important consideration in approaching this topic is the difference between how we handle “personal” and “copyrighted” material.

Personal videos (home movies, personally-recorded performances or sports events in which a family member participated, etc.) can be converted at a rate of $29.95 for up to 2 hours of video on a single DVD.

Copyrighted material is slightly more complicated. Commercial VHS tapes (professionally-produced tapes, whether currently or previously sold) that have a DVD equivalent already available or known to be in the works cannot be copied, as this would constitute a clear copyright law violation. Moreover, the official DVD equivalent can usually be found on sites like Amazon for less than $29.95, and in many cases significantly cheaper. For example, if you brought us your old Lady and the Tramp VHS tape to copy – not that we could, due to copyright violation – it would cost $29.95. For around $23, you can currently buy the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition through Amazon.

VHS tapes that have no DVD equivalent available now or planned for the foreseeable future CAN be copied. We will make 1 DVD copy for personal use; we will not convert these VHS tapes to DVD for the purpose of commercial sale. Additionally, we are willing to convert DVDs region-encoded outside of the United States to the US format (NTSC) provided there is not already a commercially-available US-equivalent.

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